My Motivation

I have inherited my father's visual gene, he loved his Nikon. He bought my first camera, a Kodak 110 on my 12th birthday and I have been taking pictures ever since.

Coming from a very loving Italian Swiss family (from Aquila in the Ticino canton) I was taught about the art of photography from my Papa who was often seen with a Nikon slung around his neck at any family event, or sat proudly in the front row in school productions. I am still fascinated at how a picture takes a split second to capture but the image can be treasured by an individual for years to come afterwards. Mama has a picture of Papa on her bedside table as she says it is the last thing she sees at night and the first when she awakes .

My growing love of photography made me pursue and investigate different methods and styles of photographic shooting, and I soon became an avid follower of the photojournalism used in Life magazine. My niche became a desire to capture the story of an event or place within the ordinary of our everyday lives. How people cope with extraordinary circumstances or just documenting everyday life which might be different from our own.

I am happiest behind the camera and truly believe that I would rather be a photographer than have a high paying job that I wasn't passionate about. I am a taker of pictures, a lover of life and people.