Photo Shoots

Individual photographs can be very important, but most people approach me to conduct a photo-shoot. Multiple photographs that capture the important people, moments and atmosphere of an event or business. So that they have a clear and exciting record of that special period, or to demonstrate to a wider audience (retail or business) their products or how they conduct their work.

In this section I have selected parts of much larger shoots that I believe capture the key characteristics of the events they portray. This is to show the narrative, structure and consistent quality that I am able to consistently deliver on the day, at the time, when it matters the most.

Demonstrated photoshoots are: Devon life Wedding; Carrie and Christopher Wedding; Jodie and Louis; Liz and Gerry; Exeter City Football Club; RGB; Mama Stones; Topsham Pool; Exeter Regatta; Southwest Amateur Boxing; Armed Forces Day; Exeter Respect 2011; Pams 80th Birthday; and Giorgio Baby pictures.

If you wish to see samples of other resent shoots then please Contact me or visit my Facebook page and leave me a message.